Bespoke – an itinerary and dates to suit, just for you!

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Norway and Svalbard is our 'back yard' - we have organised luxury celebration events, corporate group trips, itineraries for solo travellers, record-breaking attempts on long ski expeditions...and taught many absolute beginners on skis to go on and successfully ski across Greenland, last degree to the North Pole, and the full distance to the South Pole.

We would love to guide you through our wide selection of recommended opportunities in stunningly beautiful Norway and wild remote Svalbard in winter...staying in a range of accommodation from self-contructed snowholes and igloos to 5* hotels catering for every level of luxury.

Fancy a winter multi-activity trip where you can try out some new sports - snowmobiling, ice cave, dog sledding, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, kicksledding..

or perhaps you prefer a more relaxed approach to your holiday – sleigh rides, reindeer experiences, snowcat belted wagon, and simply ‘chilling out’ in some remote beautiful wilderness locations, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights..

Let us make a bespoke programme...just for you!